Lighting an office space can seem like a simple task at first, but you’ll soon find out that it takes a bit more thought and consideration that you originally gathered it would. Lighting can make an immediate and dramatic difference, even boosting or lowering the productivity of employees. If you want to make sure your office functions as well as it should, the lighting is key.

You may have a great deal of questions but don’t worry – let’s look at what you need to know for lighting an office space.


Depending on the environment you work in, there are different standards and requirements in terms of what lighting is needed for employees to perform in the safest possible conditions. Typically, offices are lit with fluorescent ceiling lights as well as additional lighting, but your office can do things a bit different if you want to use LED lights. Shadows should also be considered and minimized.


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As mentioned above, the lighting in your office space has an effect on the employees working in the environment. Natural light has been found to energize employees and make them more active, reducing negative effects to their health and productivity. With the right lighting, your staff members will feel refreshed and ready to work each and every day.


Computers are another consideration when adding lighting to an office space. Computers generate heat and are complex machines, so you may want to be careful when performing lighting installation for businesses grand prairie around equipment like this. Bright lights can also prevent employees from being able to see the screen clearly or may cause eye strain.

The lighting is just as important as other facets of your business, so be sure you are taking everything into consideration when choosing the type of lighting you want and where the lighting will be placed.